Sunday, June 3, 2007

Voice Synthesized Monitoring and Control System For Environmental and Operating Conditions

The OMA-P1104 provides cost effective monitoring and control of environmental and security conditions in industrial, office and residential locations. The OMA-P1104 desktop system has 4 input channels. Each input may be configured for either temperature measurement or contact closure sensing. The OMA-P1104 monitors ac power, temperature, high sound level (i.e., smoke/fire alarms), plus digital inputs for hook-up to switch closure sensors.

When an alarm condition occurs, the unit will automatically dial userprogrammed phone numbers to deliver the alarm message, in English. It continues to call until the alert message is properly acknowledged. You can call the unit for a complete status report on monitored conditions. The unit also provides a live ‘listen in’ feature to monitor actual sounds on-site.Click for more info.

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