Sunday, June 3, 2007

10 Things to Consider When Choosing Vision Software


National Instruments has been a leader in machine vision and image processing for nearly a decade. NI vision software is available in two packages – the NI Vision Development Module and NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (AI). The Vision Development Module contains hundreds of vision functions to use with National Instruments LabVIEW, NI LabWindows/CVI, C/C++, or Visual Basic to program powerful vision inspection, alignment, identification, and measurement applications. Vision Builder AI is an interactive software environment for configures, benchmarking and deploying machine vision applications without programming. Both software packages work with all NI vision frame grabbers and the NI Compact Vision System. The following 10 topics outline the important points to consider when choosing vision software.

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Tony Dunn said...

Have a look at Edinburgh Robotics DevBot platform, it may provide you with a platform to simplify the integration of sensors, actuators and provide some enhanced functionality for sensor fusion.

mamunk2 said...

Hi Tony,
Thanks for your kind info.
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