Sunday, June 3, 2007

Digital I/O Applications


The migration of technology to the digital world has increased the types of digital applications. Digital I/O applications include monitoring and control applications, video testing, chip verification, and pattern recognition. Just as there are many types of digital I/O applications, there are many different types of digital I/O data acquisition devices that can be used.

The type of digital I/O device required for your application will depend on how data needs to be transferred between the DAQ device and the external (peripheral) device. Data transfers can be broken into two main categories -- static (nonlatched) and block (latched) transfers. Latched data transfers can be further subdivided into two categories -two-way handshaking and pattern generation. Two-way handshaking can also be broken into two subcategories -synchronous and asynchronous. This application note explains these transfer modes in some detail. More about this topic-Click here.

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