Saturday, June 9, 2007

Premium Multi-Image Biometric Camera

This high-resolution camera captures multiple face images of non-cooperative subjects in a fixed field of view, under non-optimal lighting conditions while subjects are moving. The camera is ideal for surveillance in areas where subjects are expected to pass through without stopping such as border clearance checkpoints, airport security, terminal gates, park and stadium entrances, and military installations. The Premium Multi-Image Biometric Camera captures pictures optimized for biometric face recognition applications.
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Open Computer Vision Library

About Open Computer Vision Library

The Open Computer Vision Library is a collection of algorithms and sample code for various computer vision problems. The library is compatible with IPL and utilizes Intel Integrated Performance Primitives for better performance.

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DevBot Core

DevBot Core is our development platform written in C for creating mobile robot applications. It provides a clean and elegant architecture for robotic actuators and sensors such as infra-red and touch sensors or more sophisticated devices such as scanning range-finders. Integrated is support for network and wireless communication of multiple robots, distributed controller architecture on several processors and a backend to the DevBot Simulator. DevBot Core allows you to forget about the details of device access and data representation through providing interface categories, a selection of which is shown on the left.

Building upon the DevBot platform is simple and intuitive. Edinburgh Robotics' aim is to provide an interface to robot programming that is easily accessible and provides sufficient flexibility necessary in future appliances. DevBot is built around a highly modular core, using open-source components and providing open interfaces. This offers developers unprecedented flexibility to extend the system and integrate it with existing software.

Our platform integrates naturally with the leading open-source development environment eclipse which is comprised of extensible frameworks, tools and runtimes for building, deploying and managing software across the lifecycle.

Here are example screenshots of eclipse working with DevBot:

Image demonstrating using eclipse with DevBot Image demonstrating using eclipse indent plugin with DevBot

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Realtime Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR)

The CSC-TSR, a fast, robust color image evaluation system for the detection of traffic signs on European highways, is installed in a driving car. The realtime ability is achieved with parallel implementation on a TIP-system (Parsytec Transputer Image Processing) with PowerPC processors (Motorola MPC).More Info.

10 Things to Consider When Choosing Vision Software


National Instruments has been a leader in machine vision and image processing for nearly a decade. NI vision software is available in two packages – the NI Vision Development Module and NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (AI). The Vision Development Module contains hundreds of vision functions to use with National Instruments LabVIEW, NI LabWindows/CVI, C/C++, or Visual Basic to program powerful vision inspection, alignment, identification, and measurement applications. Vision Builder AI is an interactive software environment for configures, benchmarking and deploying machine vision applications without programming. Both software packages work with all NI vision frame grabbers and the NI Compact Vision System. The following 10 topics outline the important points to consider when choosing vision software.

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Voice Synthesized Monitoring and Control System For Environmental and Operating Conditions

The OMA-P1104 provides cost effective monitoring and control of environmental and security conditions in industrial, office and residential locations. The OMA-P1104 desktop system has 4 input channels. Each input may be configured for either temperature measurement or contact closure sensing. The OMA-P1104 monitors ac power, temperature, high sound level (i.e., smoke/fire alarms), plus digital inputs for hook-up to switch closure sensors.

When an alarm condition occurs, the unit will automatically dial userprogrammed phone numbers to deliver the alarm message, in English. It continues to call until the alert message is properly acknowledged. You can call the unit for a complete status report on monitored conditions. The unit also provides a live ‘listen in’ feature to monitor actual sounds on-site.Click for more info.

Digital I/O Applications


The migration of technology to the digital world has increased the types of digital applications. Digital I/O applications include monitoring and control applications, video testing, chip verification, and pattern recognition. Just as there are many types of digital I/O applications, there are many different types of digital I/O data acquisition devices that can be used.

The type of digital I/O device required for your application will depend on how data needs to be transferred between the DAQ device and the external (peripheral) device. Data transfers can be broken into two main categories -- static (nonlatched) and block (latched) transfers. Latched data transfers can be further subdivided into two categories -two-way handshaking and pattern generation. Two-way handshaking can also be broken into two subcategories -synchronous and asynchronous. This application note explains these transfer modes in some detail. More about this topic-Click here.

IR-AH Series Handheld Type Digital Radiation Thermometers

The IR-AH series is non-contact handheld type digital radiation thermometers for the measurement of temperature. The thermometers have features of a wide measuring range from -50°C to 3000°C, digital displays of the measured value in the finder and on the panel board, and storing function of the measured data. An RS-232C port is provided to transmit the measured data to a personal computer. With a Data Logging Software (sold separately) , you can analysis and manage the measured data.

Data storage
Maximum 1000 data can be stored. The data stored are readable on the display with index numbers for easy classification of data.

Easy-to-read internal and external digital display
A measured value is digitally displayed in the finder and on the panel board.

RS-232C port
The communications interface port (RS-232C) is provided to transmit the measured data to a personal computer.

Signal modulation
Measurement modes of real value (real) maximum value (peak), average value (delay) and minimum value (valley) are selectable for measuring purposes.

Data logging software
The data logging software is separately prepared for the analysis and management of the measured data.

Analog output (option)
The analog output of 0 to 1VDC is offered at an optional specification. By using an AC power adapter (option), the continuous measurement enabled.

Other functions
Various functions including high/low alarms, °C/°F selection, auto-power-off, battery check and user's calibration (zero/span) are available.

All models are complying with CE.
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NI-DAQmx Version 8.5 for Windows 2000/Vista x64/Vista x86/XP

Product Line: Multifunction DAQ

Version: 8.5

Category: Driver

Platform(s): Windows 2000; Windows Vista x64; Windows Vista x86; Windows XP


NI-DAQmx for PC Compatibles, version 8.5 for Windows Vista x64 (64-bit) / Vista x86 (32-bit) / XP / 2000

NI-DAQmx 8.5 is the latest measurement services software for your data acquisition and signal conditioning devices.
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Infrared thermometer


A plurality of miniature IR sensors disposed in a sensor array are aimed at a target area of interest, the array providing a thermal "image" of the target area. Processing electronics detect the hottest spot of the target as indicated by sensors in the array to directly indicate or estimate the hottest temperature(s) of the target area. Preferably, the sensor array can be utilized, for example, to determine the core body temperature of a patient by examination of the tympanic membrane. For more details please visit Full Content.

National Instruments LabVIEW and Data Acquisition -> LabVIEW subforum

This subforum is for questions regarding LabVIEW and its use in US-FIRST. This forum will be actively monitored by National Instruments LabVIEW Support Engineers for quality control, and unanswered posts will be answered by these engineers on a first-come basis. For general "How do I..." type questions, please refer to the LabVIEW documentation provided within LabVIEW, Online LabVIEW Training tutorials, the NI Developer Zone, or the LabVIEW Zone Learning Center before posting your question here.

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Low-Cost Camera Link

  • Image acquisition for base-configuration Camera Link cameras
  • Isolated digital I/O
  • Onboard programmable region of interest and image binarization
  • Available for PCI and PCI Express
  • Includes Vision Acquisition software
The National Instruments PCI-1426 and NI PCIe-1427 are low-cost Camera Link image acquisition boards designed for machine vision and scientific imaging applications that require high-resolution digital imaging with simple cabling. Both boards work with any base-configuration Camera Link camera and include a simple 15-pin D-Sub connector for camera triggering and system integration. A list of applicable Camera Link cameras can be found on the Camera Advisor.



National Instruments and LEGO, in sharing a vision of inspiring creativity and innovation in children, have partnered to develop the next generation of LEGO MINDSTORMS - programmable robots that are smarter, stronger, and more intuitive than ever. This presentation will serve as an introduction to the technologies involved, and help you to learn more about this exciting advance in robotics.