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Does Lab VIEW prog. support (link) with Player Device?

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Does Lab VIEW prog. support (link) with Player Device?
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France to strengthen video surveillance system

Published: Friday, October 12, 2007

PARIS - France will triple its number of video surveillance cameras by 2009, Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said on Friday, adding the measure was necessary to fight terrorism and street crime.

Alliot-Marie told Le Monde newspaper video surveillance had remained relatively undeveloped in France.

"The latest attacks in London were prevented thanks to their video surveillance system, (which is) 10 times more developed than ours," she told Le Monde.

A security camera (Figure) is seen in the World Trade Center PATH station in New York July 10 , 2007. France will triple its number of video surveillance cameras by 2009, Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said on Friday, adding the measure was necessary to fight terrorism and street crime. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

An official report put the number of authorized cameras in France at around 340,000 at the moment, Le Monde said.

Alliot-Marie said Paris's RATP public transport network would increase its numbers of cameras and the exchange of images between local communities would also be strengthened.

"I'll be particularly vigilant that French people's safety will always be assured in respect of their freedoms," she said.

France stepped up security measures after the 2005 attacks in London's transport system that killed 52 people.

French authorities have also said gang violence is an increasing problem in Paris, which has been the scene of repeated scuffles between rival gangs in recent months.

Alliot-Marie last month announced the creation of a special police cell on youth violence and said information collected through video surveillance should be shared among different services.

French police also hope a mini spy-in-the-sky drone the size of a toy glider will help them track rioters and fight crime.

The police's ELSA device, a 1.2-metre (4-foot) long vehicle powered by two electric motors and equipped with day-and-night vision cameras, is due to begin full operational testing next year.

The recent gang clashes have revived memories of the weeks-long riots in French suburbs in 2005, and violent student protests in Paris last year.

President Nicolas Sarkozy, a law-and-order hardliner, won criticism and praise for his tough handling of the suburban riots in 2005, when he was interior minister under a previous conservative government.

Robo-doctors arrive in Canada, allows for distance diagnosis

Figure: Remote presence medical robots are seen in action. Sorry ladies, no George Clooney or Patrick Dempsey models are forthcoming.Photograph by:QEII HalifaxInfirmary

Article by:
Charles Mandel , CanWest News Service
Published: Thursday, September 27, 2007

HALIFAX - The future of medicine took shape Wednesday in an isolated Cape Breton hospital, where a robot carried out a diagnosis of a patient.

Using the remote presence robot - a boxy unit with a screen showing the physician's face - a doctor in Halifax examined a patient five hours away at Cape Breton Regional Hospital.

Cape Breton is believed to be the first place in Canada to have the robot, thanks to a wealthy donor who believed the isolated region should have the technology. The RP-7 robots are in use in a number of hospitals in the United States.
Remote presence medical robots are seen in action. Sorry ladies, no George Clooney or Patrick Dempsey models are forthcoming.View Larger Image View Larger Image
Remote presence medical robots are seen in action. Sorry ladies, no George Clooney or Patrick Dempsey models are forthcoming.

Joseph Shannon, 67, donated $400,000 to the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre Foundation so they could purchase the robot from a California company, In touch Technologies Inc. (and which had further modifications made to it in Halifax).

"One thing led to another and we decided we wanted to buy a robot for Cape Breton, said Shannon, who owns a transportation company.

Shannon said the robot will put Cape Breton Regional Hospital on the map and will make it easier for the facility to attract doctors who want to work with such advanced technology for consultations with specialists in other cities and other applications.

"I think in the long-term if they develop it properly, there will be a fairly significant economic impact for the region."

Ivar Mendez, the Halifax-based head of neurosurgery at QEII and of the medical facility's brain repair centre, operated the robot at Wednesday's demonstration. He said patients quickly become comfortable speaking with the robot and forget it's a piece of technology examining them.

"I strongly believe this technology is part of the future of medicine. It will bring the expert to the patient anywhere in the country," Mendez said.

Robots will not replace physicians, Mendez said. Rather, the neurosurgeon said they help provide universal health care to Canadians, ensuring that even individuals in remote communities will have access to specialized care.

The robot comes equipped with a powerful lens that sees better than a human eye and the technology can hold a patient's electronic records and tests and access them immediately. A doctor using a laptop and an Internet connection operates the machine.

It's not the first time QEII has used robotics. In 2002, the hospital used a $500,000 system in Halifax known as Socrates Robotic Tele-Collaboration to power a robotic arm to perform brain surgery on a patient a province away in Saint John, New Brunswick.

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Run Virtual Machines on your PC for Free

Run virtual machines on your Windows or Linux PC with VMware Player 2.0. This free desktop virtualization software application makes it easy to operate any virtual machine created by VMware Workstation, VMware Server or VMware ESX Server, as well as Microsoft virtual machines and Symantec LiveState Recovery disks. You can also use Player to evaluate one of the many virtual appliances available from the VMware Virtual Appliance Marketplace.

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Orca: Components for Robotics

Orca is an open-source framework for developing component-based robotic systems. It provides the means for defining and developing the building-blocks which can be pieced together to form arbitrarily complex robotic systems, from single vehicles to distributed sensor networks.

Our main goal is the continuing progress in robotic research and the robotic industry. The main challenge we see at present is the software specific to robots, both its complexity and the sheer amount of it. Software reuse promises a solution to both of these problems. You write your component which does something useful, then I build on your success by writing my component which works with yours. Now the two of us have a system of two components. Easy!

Where to start

* Read general information about the project: Orca Overview
* Get set up: Download and Install Orca
* Start running components: Quick-Start Guide
* Read an overview of Ice middleware: Ch. 2 of the Ice Manual [download]
* See a list of all available Orca components: Software Map
* Start coding: Guide to Beginning Development (read this if you want to evaluate Orca)
* Become an expert: Developer's Guide

Note: The documentation on this web page matches the latest release. A web page is also generated every 30 min from the latest CVS version.

For mor details about ORCA2.

The Player Project

Free Software tools for robot and sensor applications

About Player

Player is a network server for robot control. Running on your robot, Player provides a clean and simple interface to the robot's sensors and actuators over the IP network. Your client program talks to Player over a TCP socket, reading data from sensors, writing commmands to actuators, and configuring devices on the fly.

Player supports a variety of robot hardware. The original Player platform is the ActivMedia Pioneer 2 family, but several other robots and many common sensors are supported. Player's modular architecture makes it easy to add support for new hardware, and an active user/developer community contributes new drivers.

Player runs on Linux (PC and embedded), Solaris and *BSD.

More info about Player and Stage.

4-Channel DVR (Networkable) with 4-Channel Audio, Remote Control and Motion Activation.

A great value for a professional 4- channel DVR system. This digital video recorder offers features found only high-end models at an affordable price. Included 120Gb HHD offers up to 7 months continuous recording! Upgradeable up to 1000Gb. (1Tb) Unique features include remote control and audio inputs. Easy to set up internet remote viewing function.

# Network Ready
# 4 Channel Video
# 4 Channel Audio
# 30 fps Recording Rate
# 120 fps Display Rate
# 640 X 224 High Resolution Setting
# Motion Activation
# MPEG4 Compression Format
# Easy to Read Instruction Manual

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