Tuesday, October 9, 2007

4-Channel DVR (Networkable) with 4-Channel Audio, Remote Control and Motion Activation.

A great value for a professional 4- channel DVR system. This digital video recorder offers features found only high-end models at an affordable price. Included 120Gb HHD offers up to 7 months continuous recording! Upgradeable up to 1000Gb. (1Tb) Unique features include remote control and audio inputs. Easy to set up internet remote viewing function.

# Network Ready
# 4 Channel Video
# 4 Channel Audio
# 30 fps Recording Rate
# 120 fps Display Rate
# 640 X 224 High Resolution Setting
# Motion Activation
# MPEG4 Compression Format
# Easy to Read Instruction Manual

For more info. ple visit at Camera World and Hardware World.

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